Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Mustaqbal web website and social media pages gathers information about its visitors.

This notice is Mustaqbal Web’s online privacy policy regulating the collection, storage and use of information received on the Web’s website and pages. It covers the Web’s websites and pages as displayed at the end of this policy.


We Gather Data

Our visitor’s data will be gathered, such as their personal contacts, addresses, personal and professional information, payment information, requests, customer related information, browser data, cookies, IP information, and other.

Any information we gather is voluntarily provided by our visitor, or following their consensus.


We Conserve Data

The data is collected then kept on dedicated servers, supported by the web developer. Our professional employees ensure the integrity and security controls of the stored information, by using the newest procedures and methods.


We Use Data

The private information we store is considered highly confidential, and only used for business means such as research, figures, marketing and advertising, and in general to guarantee better relations with our visitors. Private information will be used only in the case of request by competent officials.

Any request to delete personal information by our visitors, will be immediately complied with.

Mustaqbal Web does not hold any responsibility, or obligation of protection about publicly shared information, which is deliberately made available by our visitors.


Data Risks

The data we gather may contain personal information about our visitors who would prefer to keep it disclosed. This data may become subject to hacking, exposing our visitors to technological assaults.

In order to avoid such risk, Mustaqbal Web continuously finances information security, to establish protection from cyber hacks.

Our website is protected with encryption and signed with a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority company. 



This Privacy Policy applies to all of the Mustaqbal Web social media pages and website, except for:

- Mustaqbal Web pages and websites having specific privacy policies;

- Third party websites and pages that are displayed on Mustaqbal Web websites and pages.

The Privacy Policy may be issued to change without previous warning, in which the change will become effective immediately upon announcement. Visitors will have to acknowledge the new Privacy Policy to continue using the website and social media pages.